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Trust your furry family member to trained staff

At The Social Pup, it's just as important to us as it is to you that we have the necessary knowledge and training to expertly care for your dog.  That's why we invest in our continuing education with only the best courses offered by the most respected professionals in the industry.  

Certificate: Dog-to-Dog Aggression

Course description: This course was designed to teach professionals within the canine field, rescue workers and dog owners how to assess, manage and treat mild cases of dog-to-dog aggression. Participants learned how to; identify and categorize the common types of dog aggression, isolate the dog’s motivation for the problematic behaviour, set realistic treatment goals and how to choose the best treatment and / or management option for that dog. Participants were taught the technical aspect of applying strong management and various treatment techniques designed to rehabilitate the most common types of dog-to-dog aggression.

This seminar covered the following topics:

• Assessing Dog-to-Dog Aggression

• Aggression Management

• Treatment Suggestions

• Treatment Applications

• Realistic Goal Setting

Course completed: February 2, 2019

Certificate: Canine Basic Behaviour

Course description: Safe, positive and healthy human to dog interactions start with learning to understand and speak their language. This course was designed to give Animal Professionals, Rescue Volunteers and dog owners the tools necessary to better read canine body language, correctly determine the animal’s emotional state, understand their needs and recognize early warning signs of behavioural issues. In addition to learning how to read canine body language this course was designed to provide individuals who work and live with dogs the necessary information they require to understand the distinct training needs of each breed group as well as how to provide positive leadership using balanced, humane and confidence building training techniques.

Topics that were covered included:

• How to read canine body language

• Different breeds and their training needs

• How to be the leader your dog is looking for

• Positive training techniques

• Suggested training supplies

Course completed: February 2, 2019

Certificate: Puppy Assessment

Course description: Puppy assessments offer greater insight to the instinctual responses of a puppy, providing accurate impressions of general fearfulness, activity levels, excitability, thresholds and stimuli sensitivity. Puppy Assessments was designed to guide Breeders, Trainers, Behaviour Consultants, Veterinary staff, Animal Care Professionals and prospective owners through the process of implementing a puppy temperament test based on methods recommended by the renowned author of Applied Dog Behaviour and Training, Steven R. Lindsay. These methods are used to help identify where an individual puppy scores in areas such as; competitiveness, sociability, emotional reactivity, trainability and ability to adjust to new environments.

Course completed: February 16, 2019

Certificate: Professional Dog Walking

Course description:  Equipping Professional Dog Walkers with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to set a higher standard in Professional Pet Care.  Participants learn how to: size, fit and utilize effective and humane equipment, improve their walk set ups, problem shoot over-stimulation, multi-dog leash handling and implement key elements to enrich puppy visits.  Participants are given the opportunity to put theory into practice, during the practical portion of the course, under the guidance of Canine Foundations’ Behaviour Consultants.  

Topics covered includes:

  • Equipment
  • Applicable Laws
  • Leash Management
  • Multi dog Leash Handling
  • Teaching Leash Manners
  • Park walks & Safety
  • Emergency Protocols

Course completed: March 31, 2019

Dog training at doggy daycare

Certificate: Daycare & Group Play Assessment


Course description: A successful daycare is built on positive client experiences and referrals. Correctly matching canine personalities and play styles is a vital step to in achieving safe and enjoyable play sessions while helping the dogs achieve their daily physical and mental stimulation. 

This course provides Daycare Attendants and Professional Dog Walkers with a safe and consistent process to assess dog sociability for the purpose of daycare and group play. Participants learn how to; recognize signs of social affiliation, utilize safe handling practices, identify problematic group behaviour, distinguish areas of low tolerances and appropriately match personalities.  A combination of assessment styles are reviewed, including; history taking, exam style and observational, in addition to tips on courteous communication with the pet parent. Participants gain practical experience in completing assessment and pack integration techniques, designed to decrease stress levels and promote safe, positive interactions, under the guidance of Canine Foundations’ Behaviour Consultants. 

Topics covered include:

  • Assessment Procedures & Protocols
  • Recognizing Signs of Social Affiliation
  • Matching Play Styles
  • Safe Handling Practices
  • Identifying areas of sensitivity
  • Determine areas of low tolerance

Course completed on April 14, 2019. 

Canine Attendant Training

Course description: Safe, positive and healthy human to dog interactions start with learning to understand and speak their language. This full day course is uniquely designed for Veterinary Technicians, Kennel Attendants, Doggy Daycare Attendants, Professional Dog Walkers, and Animal Care Professionals and is broken down into 3 main components; Canine Behaviour, Canine Self Defense and Dog to Dog Aggression. 

Throughout the day participants will learn how to read canine body language, understand vocal communication, identify their emotional state as well as how to change their emotional state to promote safety for both animal and handler. The Canine Self Defense portion of this course equips the participants with the skills to defuse a volatile dog, safely break up a dog fight and protect themselves in the event they are attacked by a dog. Other topics covered include; early warning signs that a dog may pose as a safety risk to another dog, common signs of dog to dog aggression, effectively monitoring play to promote healthy play styles and how to facilitate play between poorly socialized dogs.

Course completed on May 4, 2019.

For a list of available courses available by Canine Foundations, please visit their website at 

*Note: The Social Pup is not an affiliate of Canine Foundations; just a fan!

Grooming Qualifications

Oksana A

Dog Grooming Diploma 

Pro-B Grooming & Academy 

8 years’ experience

Overview of Program:


Cleanliness and safety: Covers the importance of proper procedures, handling of equipment and sanitation in the grooming shop.

Tools of the trade: We will discuss the selection, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, along with the correct application and handling of basic tools.

Retail and hospital procedures

Anatomy: Canine and feline basic grooming anatomy

Kennel feeding: Proper diet, maintenance and operations

Animal Behaviour

Handling and control: B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy will teach you the basic handling of animals and the need for safety muzzles in the grooming salon.

External parasites and their control: You will learn how to spot and control them and when a vet is needed. We will cover up-to-date control methods and medications.


Styling, scissoring, creative styling and finishing: B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy provides specific instruction in clipping and scissoring applications.

Finishing touches: Explore the proper use of bows and other seasonal applications, promotional skills and advertising within the grooming industry.

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Jalissa L.

Dog Grooming Certificate

Pet Grooming Studio Academy 

3 years’ experience

(Plus 6 years’ experience as a (human) hair dresser)

Overview of Program:

Professional Grooming Course [Part-1]

This course teaches you the fundamental works on a variety of Dogs as well as how to groom a drop-coated dog in a pet clip. This is the most essential part of the dog grooming service. 

The students who complete this course will:

·  Know how to use and maintain all essential grooming tools and equipment

·  Be able to use the proper method of disinfecting tools and grooming area.

·  Know Canine Structure and how it affects the dog as well as the groom

·  The dangers and safety issues associated with grooming

·  How to de-shed and de-mat a dog without causing injuries

·  Fundamental grooming tasks such as bathing, drying, brushing, combing, nail clipping, ear plucking, and cleaning

·  How to Shape, Clip, Cut and Style a Drop-Coated Dog in a pet clip

·  Ways to communicate to owners, Veterinarians, and Others in the pet industry

·  Know how to identify and handle Pest Infestations

·  Know how to handle and be able to use the Clipper and Scissors

·  Be able to cut straight and curved lines

·  and much more

The course also covers grooming theory and practical skills, styling dogs from main breed groups, as well as the necessary knowledge to succeed as a professional pet groomer. 

The focus of this course is styling with mainly clipping work. But you will also learn basic scissoring work as well.

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For a list of available courses available by Canine Foundations, please visit their website at 

*Note: The Social Pup is not an affiliate of Canine Foundations; just a fan